Intel IoT Challenge


Intel’s objective was to raise awareness on the IoT Ignition Labs in order to strengthen their position as the know-how place that helps businesses with IoT development.

A challenge was designed to engage with developers, giving them the opportunity to submit innovative IoT ideas. The winners were invited to build their own prototypes at the IoT Ignition Labs with expert guidance.


Developers were reached on TechWeekEurope and Gizmodo, combining B2B and B2C environments to generate high engagement.

Traffic drivers were used to arouse interest, redirecting to a dedicated micro-site where response were collected. They included:

  1. Display: roadblock ads across both websites
  1. Interview with Intel’s Dirk Roziers, the company’s “Internet of Things” evangelist
  1. Editorial pieces introducing the challenge on Gizmodo & TechWeekEurope
  1. Advertorials on the scope of IoT for the future
  1. Emails and newsletters banners
  1. Social media



The Intel team could interact in person with developers passionate about IoT. After a coding week at the Intel Ignition Labs, the winners were delighted to see their IoT prototypes functioning live. The projects and their presentation are listed below.

A video was produced with Matt Ward, Intel’s UK IoT Ignition Lab manager, explaining how the Ignition Labs are pushing innovation in IoT.

Campaign performance of deliverables             

  • Around 8000 unique views of the advertorials, editorial and entry page
  • More than 5000 social media click-throughs and interactions
  • More than 600 clicks from the email promotion to TechWeekEurope’s subscribers
  • 49 project submissions over a 4 week period
  • 7 of the 10 winners spent a week at the Intel IoT Ignition Labs to build their prototypes

Editorial & banner traffic drivers