NetMediaEurope IoT champagne breakfast. It’s a wrap!

Answering the who, what, why, where, when and how questions of IoT with NetMediaEurope

Nov 25, 2015: NetMediaEurope team met with PR and Media agencies in London this morning and talked about IoT over breakfast. Shared key insights and discussed the use, danger, progress and future implications of IoT. Our editorial teams across Europe cover IoT extensively, a topic that is not only gaining popularity among our readers but also gaining importance among key IT players.

IOT UK Event image

The event was a success both in terms of attendance, 61 people attended, and interest. The feedback from the PR and Media audience was of an interesting topic that was made more understandable and “close to our everyday life” thanks to the interaction between Duncan Mac Rae (NME UK Chief Editor) and Clive Longbottom.

This is what Duncan had to say about the IoT market in UK –

Companies in the UK are already beginning to spend heavily on IOT technologies, particularly in industries such as manufacturing, retail and healthcare. With connectivity becoming increasingly important for businesses around the globe, any company that does not invest in IOT over the next few years can likely expect a ‘Kodak moment’.

Check out the full presentation here: NME IoT Breakfast UK Nov15 Presentation 

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