TechWeekEurope partners with CWJobs to extend its jobs site

  • This new partnership allows readers of TechWeekEurope to access further job opportunities

London, UK, 24th October 2013 – TechWeekEurope, the UK’s leading technology news and advice website, has announced today a new partnership with, the leading specialist IT recruitment website for all IT jobseekers in the UK and Ireland.

The partnership allows readers of TechWeekEurope to access job opportunities from one of the leading IT job sites in the UK as well as the current job advertisements on the TechWeekEurope website. TechWeekEurope boasts a vast number of IT job opportunities bringing the total to over 13,000 advertisements for readers to browse now that it is partnering with CWJobs. This joint venture will make it easier for TechWeekEurope readers to find jobs in IT that suit their needs.

TechWeekEurope already works with online recruitment agencies such as The IT Job Board and Empty Lemon, but now with this new partnership with CWJobs our ads volume has doubled. Users can now search our site for any type of IT job whether that is permanent or temporary

CWJobs is an IT recruitment website which allows users to search an average of over 11,000 job opportunities with advertisements created by recruiters. By creating an account on the website, users can also become one of the 5,000 new candidates every month to upload an online CV to let employers find them. Each month, there are over 509,000 users of CWjobs, generating over 300,000 job applications.

Dominique Busso, CEO, NetMediaEurope comments: “With this partnership TechWeekEurope aims to help IT professionals find the right job by providing more choice. In the UK there are serious concerns over the IT skills shortage. The number of IT practitioners needed across Europe by 2015 is estimated at somewhere between 700,000 to 900,000. The scarcity of skills out there means that there are fantastic opportunities for IT professionals to develop their careers and we are keen to make sure that they come to us as the first port of call.”

Richard Nott, Website Director, “This partnership with TechWeekEurope demonstrates our commitment to expanding CWJobs’ footprint in tech industry – driving awareness of our expertise amongst IT candidates.  This, coupled with the bespoke solutions we offer for recruiters, will ensure our customers have access to the widest possible selection of highly skilled IT professionals.”

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About TechWeekEurope

TechWeekEurope UK (, is an online publication providing authoritative guidance on the impact that technology will have on the future of business. Its tagline is ‘enhancing business with technology’. The site provides insight on mobility, security, cloud computing and sustainable IT to a rapidly growing audience that increasingly sees the issues as business-critical.

Also established in mainland Europe and the US, TechWeekEurope UK provides a one-stop shop for advertisers and sponsors looking for innovative pan-European opportunities.

TechWeekEurope UK is published by NetMediaEurope, which publishes in the UK, Germany, France, Italy and Spain, and was founded in July 2007 as a result of an MBO by senior VNU managers. NetMediaEurope has 30 sites, 15 million monthly unique readers and 5000 stories per month across Europe.

About NetMediaEurope

NetMediaEurope ( publishes websites aimed towards IT Experts in the UK, Germany, France, Italy and Spain. It was founded in July 2007 as a result of a management buy-out by senior VNU managers.

With 30 sites across Europe, NetMediaEurope is the leading European B2B sales house to target the IT professional audience and market segment. It has 15 million monthly unique readers and 5000 stories per month across Europe. The portfolio includes brands such as TechWeekEurope, ChannelBiz, Gizmodo, Silicon and ITespresso in different territories.

About CWjobs is the leading specialist IT recruitment website serving contract and permanent IT jobseekers, enabling them to apply for jobs across all skills and industry sectors throughout the UK and Ireland. The site draws over 509,000 unique users each month generating over 300,000 job applications, attracted by the opportunity to search an average of more than 11,000 IT job opportunities at any one time.

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