TechWeekEurope to Hold Next Tech Club Discussion on Security

  • Key theme for the evening will focus on IT security and the need to adapt to an ever-changing threat environment.

London – 9th October 2013 – TechWeekEurope, the leading technology news and advice website, is pleased to announce the date and theme for its next Tech Club event, a senior level networking forum for IT professionals, which is taking place on 6th November 2013 in Soho. The next Tech Club, which now boasts over 700 members, will see members talk about IT security and the need to adapt to an ever-changing threat environment.

Security is an absolute necessity and in this economic climate it can be difficult to prioritise what measures are required where – especially with the arrival of smartphones, cloud and social media enhancing the risks of phishing scams and data theft. The discussion will ask members questions such as how they choose between one security solution and another and which measures are necessary for a secure operation.

Members are invited to complete a survey before attending in order to make the discussion more productive on the night. All comments during the evening discussion will be off-the-record due to the sensitive subject of the topic.

Tech Club is an established forum for IT professionals aimed at sharing and learning through meetings, research and education. The aim of the Tech Club is to engage and involve tech readers, shaping and developing future coverage on the site, as well as feeding back research to its members.

To attend the networking evening on 6th November 2013, you need to be a member of Tech Club. To register please visit

Members will receive an invitation with more details about the event. If you have any question please contact

To start connecting with members of the Tech Club, you can visit the LinkedIn Group:

For further information and interviews, please contact:

Sonia Navarrete
C8 Consulting Ltd
+44 1189 001134


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